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About Legacy School
Legacy School of Ministry, located in Cleveland, Tennessee,  is focused on personal transformation and practical hands on training so that you can become the Holy Spirit empowered sons and daughters of God you were destined to be. Our goal is not on training people to become pulpit ministers, although pulpit ministers would benefit from this training, but rather on raising up a generation of revivalist that are truly living a lifestyle of the miraculous, carrying His presence, displaying godly character and expanding His Kingdom globally.

During your time at LSM our heart is to:
Heal your History
Develop your Identity
Mold your Character
Deploy your Destiny

Classes are designed to do more than impart knowledge, but to also activate you to minister to others.

You will participate in 
  • Online Courses and Class Room Training
  • Power Weekends 
  • Receiving impartation from Five Fold ministers 
  • A Community of Revivalist that share your Passion

All of the sessions are designed to thrust you into opportunities to pray for the sick, flow in word of knowledge, minister deliverance, prophesy life, preach the Gospel and impart the love of the Father.

Come Experience His Presence

Then take it to the world

Bethel School of Supernatural Curriculum plus

We use curriculum from:
  • Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry 
  • Dr. Bill Hamon of Christian International
  • Dutch Sheets
  • Dr. Mark Hanby
  • Randy Clark
  • John Maxwell
  • Dale Mast
  • Jack Frost
  • Clay and Sabrina Padgett and more
Topics to be covered include; Hearing the Voice of God, Biblical Deliverance, The Father Heart of God, Awakening Your True Identity, Healing and Miracles, Evangelism as a Lifestyle, Working with People and Teams, The Power of Honor, Living Pure in Mind and Actions, Training for Reigning and more.


We will focus on 3 areas of teaching.

Revival Lifestyle

You will be empowered to be the Revivalist you were created to be with classes covering topics such as Prophecy, Healing, Deliverance, Evangelism, Living in Joy, the Culture of the Kingdom, Hosting His Presence and more. You will do more than just receive knowledge, you will be challenged to step out and minister what you receive to others.

Personal Development

These classes are design to strengthen the natural man by focusing on Inner Healing, Identity, Experiencing the Father's Embrace, Developing your Character, People Skills, Leadership Development, Life Skills, Relationships, Sexual Purity, Personal Finances, Working With Teams and more. You will also learn about Dr. Hamon’s 10 M’s of Ministry which include Manhood, Ministry, Message, Maturity, Marriage, Methods, Manners, Money, Morality and Motive.

Connecting with Father

Worship, Prayer and Bible Study will be at the core of every class and gathering. We will gather to worship and seek His presence and develop a lifestyle of worship. Our prayer time will consist of personal prayer, learning to pray the Father's will, ministering to others through prayer, praying over cities and nations and releasing prophetic declarations. You will study God's word by reading the entire Bible and by understanding God's purpose and plan for every book. Seeking Him, Loving Him and Knowing Him will awaken us to His great love for us and launch us into a Revivalist lifestyle.

Our Team consist of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist Pastors and Teachers that carry the culture of the Kingdom and have a passion for revival. There will also be guest speakers that carry specific anointings that will teach and impart to you. You will receive so much more than head knowledge. Our leaders will release an impartation of the mantle that is on their life. Get ready to be activated to advance the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Clay Padgett

Sabrina Padgett

Phillip Beck

Lauren Beck


Jesus, quoting Isaiah, said, My house shall be a house of PRAYER... We feel that if prayer is not the center of everything we do then we are not building God's house. Leonard Ravenhill said, If we're not praying, we're playing. We have discovered that by being a people of intense and consistent prayer, we can truly expect God to invade our lives with signs, wonders and miracles.


Honor releases miracles. Jesus was honored and He honored others everywhere He went. In His home town He did not receive honor.. Because of this, He did not do many miracles there. When He was honored, miracles flowed like a river. When we create a culture of honor we will also see miracles become a normal way of life.


A revival culture is one in which people are willing to pay the price to live in His presence and carry that presence to others. By connecting with the Father through worship, prayer and by His word, we learn to become carriers of His presence everywhere we go. By this, we supernaturally expand the Kingdom of Heavens borders on earth.


1 Corinthians 14:1 encourages us to eagerly desire to prophesy because when we do we strengthen, encourage and comfort others. In fact, Paul said, I would rather you prophesy than speak in tongues. Amos 3:7 says, "Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets." Today, God is pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh so that we may arise, listen to His voice and lead the nations.

Faith & Risk

Knowing the truth and displaying it are two different things. We will challenge you to step out and take risks on what you are taught. Praying for the sick, prophesying and ministering deliverance will become a normal way of life for you. As John Wimber said, "It's time for the church to do the stuff. After all, Jesus did say these signs will follow those that believe.


This is not a popular term today but godliness is imperative to walking in the supernatural. We believe that godliness should affect every part of our lives including character, relationships, finances, and personal lifestyle. Many can temporarily manifest a revival lifestyle, godliness will maintain it.

Joy & Victory

Romans 10:17 says, "The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. If the Kingdom is 1/3 joy, shouldn't we live a life of joy every day? God's word also tells us that we are more than conquerors and that the one inside of us is greater than the one that is in the world. Because we know this to be true, you will find an atmosphere of joyful expectation and victorious belief about the future of the church and the world around us.


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What you will need to apply. Personal References Passport Type Photo $25.00 Application Fee

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Legacy School meets at The TRIBE

205 2nd Street NW, Cleveland Tn. 37311

  • 205 2nd Street NW Cleveland, TN. 37311