Application Fee

The application fee is $25.00 and is non-refundable.


1st Year Tuition is $500.00 if paid in full 30 days before student orientation, August 9, 2021

An installment plan is available and consist of a deposit of $120.00 and 7 monthly payments of $65.00 for a total of $575.00.

The deposit is due by July 12, 2021 or immediately if accepted after July 12, 2021.  All monthly payments are due by the first of the month with the first payment due on October 1st, and the final payment due April 1st.

Married couples that attend school together will receive a 50% discount on tuition and deposit for one student as long as they attend the same year of school (1st year or 2nd year) during the same calendar year. Their Tuition will be $750.00 for the year or a $180.00 deposit and monthly installments of $97.00.

Other Cost

Students will be required to purchase books from the required reading list usually consisting of 1books per month.